The plugin for,Community Interaction

Allow community members to interact with others using spatial proximity voice chat.

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Unique features to build whatever you want

Proximity Voice Chat

Automatic location based voice chat with spatial client support, moderation features and more. All without mods.

200MB free storage, 10 voice slots, fair use audio slots

We offer a free tier for small servers, with 200MB of storage, 10 voice slots and unlimited (fair use) audio slots. Both can be upgraded through a content creator form or a variety of patreon plans, to support the project.

Region Based Music

Assign music to specific World Guard regions or worlds, to add dynamic area music to different parts of your server.


Place speakers throughout your world, to play spatial music/effects emmitting from a block.

Strong Customization

Customize the look and feel of your Web Client with your own text, colours and images.

Broad Platform Support

Whether you're running Spigot, Bungeecord, Paper, Velocity, Lilypad or any combination of the above, we've got you covered.

... And best of all

OpenAudioMc runs entirely from a browser tab using a magic link. Your player's don't need to download or install anything!