How to configure OpenAudioMc to your liking.

Configuring OpenAudioMc

OpenAudioMc is a Bukkit Spigot that uses configuration files to customize its behavior. In this documentation, we will explain where to find the configuration files and how to modify them.

Configuration File Location

The configuration file for OpenAudioMc can be found at plugins/OpenAudioMc/config.yml While there are some other files in the folder, they should generally be ignored and never edited manually.

Reloading Changes

It is important to note that the configuration file is not reloaded on the fly. Therefore, you will need to restart the server for changes to take effect.

Proxy Server Configuration

Some configured messages may need to also be configured in your proxy server if you have one. This is because both servers are responsible for some parts of the user interaction. Make sure to configure any necessary settings in both servers for consistent behavior.

Client Customization

All web-client settings (such as theme color, background image, baseurl and messages) are managed through your OpenAudioMc account. Please log in to your account and navigate to the server you wish to configure. You will find the client settings in the Client area.

Understanding Configuration Options

To understand the purpose of each option in the configuration file, please see the comments within the file itself. Each option has a brief description to guide you on what it does.
We hope this documentation helps you configure OpenAudioMc to your liking. If you have any further questions or issues, please consult the official documentation or seek help from the OpenAudioMc community.