How to use OpenAudioMc placeholders in PlaceholderAPI

Displaying OpenAudioMc variables using PlaceholderAPI

Our PlaceholderAPI integration allows you to display OpenAudioMc variables in your chat, scoreboard, tablist, etc. This is a great way to display the current state, or the current volume of the player. We only translate these properties within your Spigot server, so you can't use them in your BungeeCord configuration.

Available placeholders

These placeholders are generally supported by OpenAudioMc. You can change the exact messaging/out of these placeholders in the config.yml file.

%oa_is_connected%Shows whether the player is connected"Connected"
%oa_is_in_voicechat%Shows whether the player is currently in VoiceChat"Connected"
%oa_client_count%Show the amount of players capable of listening to Music"5"
%oa_voicechat_count%Show the amount of players who are currently using VoiceChat"30"
%oa_voicechat_limit%Show the maximum amount of players who can use VoiceChat"100"
%oa_voicechat_peers%Show the amount of players who are currently in VoiceChat range"5"
%oa_token%Show the current token of the player"123456"

These values are updated on a per-request basis. So values might only update when the scoreboard or tablist is updated.