How to use OpenAudioMc with TrainCarts

Playing media in TrainCarts trains

You can use OpenAudioMc to assign and play music within TrainCarts trains. All passengers will hear the music, and it will automatically stop when they leave the train.


To start playing music, you need to place a sign on the train. OpenAudioMc signs do not support Redstone as of yet, so they must be active at all time.

Signs are typically too small to fit an entire URL, so we recommend using aliases to shorten the URL.

The sign format looks like this

[!train] audio <source>/stop

For example, if you want to play the song "", we first need to make an alias using /openaudiomc alias myTrainMusic and we can then assign it like

[!train] audio a:myTrainMusic

Stopping the music

To stop the music, simply replace the source with stop. For example

[!train] audio stop