Playing a predefined queue of sounds, or a random entry from a collection


Playing a predefined queue of sounds, or a random entry from a collection

Playlists can be used to assign one big soundtrack to regions/speakers, play through multiple songs or to have a random song play every time.

There are two main way to use playlists, the old method involved using a json array in the play/region commands but nowaday we recommend using the playlist command.

Creating a playlist

Playlists are always mapped by name, so you need to think of a unique name for this playlist. Use something descriptive like my-cool-playlist, because you will need it again later.

To create a playlist, use the following command:

/openaudiomc playlist create my-cool-playlist


Adding media to a playlist

Now that you have a playlist, you can add media to it. This can be any media source that you can use in the play command. In our case, we just want to add a single song from SoundCloud to our playlist:

/openaudiomc playlist add my-cool-playlist


Finding your playlist

You can list all available playlists by using the following command:

/openaudiomc playlist list


Playing a playlist

Playlist can be targeted by the list: prefix, followed by the name of the playlist you want to play. The loop mode of the media determines if the playlist will go over all entries, or if it will pick one random entry every time.

This command would play one random song from the playlist:

/openaudiomc play @a list:my-cool-playlist

This command would play all songs in a region, in order:

/openaudiomc region create my-region list:my-cool-playlist

Editing a playlist

You can edit a playlist by adding/removing media from it. You can either do this through chat, where it will list all entries and you can click on them to remove them

/openaudiomc playlist view my-cool-playlist

or you can manually delete entries by index:

/openaudiomc playlist remove my-cool-playlist 0

Deleting a playlist

You can delete a playlist by using the following command:

/openaudiomc playlist delete my-cool-playlist

Note: This will delete all entries in the playlist, and cannot be undone.**



This permission is required to use the /oa playlist command

Default access level: op