Patreon and Upgrades

Support the OpenAudioMc project and all the perks it gets you

Patreon and Upgrades

The OpenAudioMc project is something I started doing in my spare time over 6 years ago, and it expanded to be a huge global community connecting tens of thousands of players daily. Our amazing Patreon's are the reason why we can keep this project alive and keep it free for everyone to use.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that allows you to support creators by pledging a monthly or yearly amount of money. This money is then used to fund the project, allow is to keep growing and spend more time on it.

What do I get for supporting OpenAudioMc?

Patreon Supporters can link their account to their OpenAudioMc account to unlock extra perks and push OpenAudioMc to the next level. These perks include:

  • A badge on your Web Client
  • A role in our Discord server
  • Usually a higher priority for support and early access to new features
  • The ability to directly tag me in our Discord server, so I can help you with your issues asap
  • Access to file uploads for all your servers (ambient sound, sound effects, and background image)
  • More slots for concurrent Voice Chat users
  • More dedicated (or unlimited) bandwidth for your server
  • More dedicated (or unlimited) storage for your server
  • The ability to upload files directly to your account, with 10 gigabytes of ultra-fast and reliable storage
  • More attention from me, often in the form with special addons or help to make the plugin function better for you

When do I get these perks?

You will get these perks as soon as you link your Patreon account to your OpenAudioMc account. You can do this by going to the Settings page and clicking the "Link Account" button.

How do I use my perks?

Your perks will show up in your account settings page. Simply click "activate" or "edit", select the server you wish to use it on, and then run /oa reload in-game to apply the changes.